The beauty of spooky action,
Is a type of quantum affection;

Helping qubit to traverse in space,
Might be the reason ,
For teleportation in future’s space.



While having the dinner tonight ,

Thought of refugees came to my sight;


Person behind me called the food shit,

My heart beats to an impulsive hit;


On the moment:


Hungry blue eyes of boy came to my mind,

Make me feel ashamed of this mankind;


I prayed to god , insight;


That I would be hungry tonight,

If you just remove that boy’s hungry plight;


My heart and mind fuses,

Really, I want to help refugees !








  C-R 21

Some thing to find,
He’s one of his own kind;

One of my few friends,
He always live in trends;

Eminent mocking habits,
His teeths are like rabbits;

Specialist in bunks,
He always funks;

One of the none,
He is of twenty one….

Desperate Peer Pressure

The story of peer pressure ; is
None other than a stone crusher

Desperate to break soft heart
With its “full of pressure”dart

Crushing our feelings of heart
Influenced by our friends apart

Changing our life’s decision
With their words of  precision

We ruin ourself  to please others
As a result ; our life also bothers

People don’t know
How to say No
Do you know ,How to say No?

“Cassini Endeavor Inspires”

Two decades ago;

Cassini was liberated to space,
for gazing the Saturn’s grace;

Voyaging the billion mile trek,
Cassini even don’t have a single wreck;

Cassini unquestionably galvanize,
humans ability to revolutionize;

Revealing the substantial mysteries,
Cassini astounds all the Saturn histories;

Unveiling the Saturn Ring’s with Titan’s antiquity,
Now , Cassini is leading in its way toward immortality;

Cassini is a true validation,
“If you have the capability,
with tranquility
One can procure his goal

The courtroom for existense

Love is emphasizing body to be deployed
in each and every part of our life guide
Which is always to be engendered
But never to be surrendered;

Expectations of love are distorted,
but,they must not be hated,
as some times,                                  
they are falsely manipulated.

Expectations are there
Then only;
Love is cared.

Brooding Secrets

The lock to my smile belong to your conscious signs of my existence, sadness to your oblivion,
I do have eyes to look into my reflection, but I crave your gaze, this soul seeks for ephemeral pleasures reaped out of expectations;
a curse to dead living bodies,
I do have bottled love to applaud my creation, but I count the hours for your appreciation.
Sold bodies. Period.

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∞ –

The infinity is nothing but endless,
Like the time infinity is priceless,
Likely, infinity is black hole of darkness,
In which, even light gets motionless,
Hence, infinity is a rhyme of holiness;

There is node in infinity,
Which joins universe with humanity,
Infinity is a unit less liberty,
Never caught by any authority,
So, infinity is a rhyme of unity;

The infinity is greater than what we think,
Because no one knows, what infinity thinks.

Confusion Relates

Lot of confusions in mind
That are hiding behind ;

Sometimes they conspire
But they also inspire;

Confusions of heart
Might tear you apart ;

Hebetude as confusion
Is a type of success intrusion;

Confusions of proximity
Simulates your creativity;

False confusions of joy
Later make you woe;

When devil mind masters
Confusions lead disasters;

Confusion is no where
but when you scare
It is every where;

Free the life, follow the time
Confusions wisely get into lime.

Stars,Sky and Me

Sitting under the deep sky,
I just want to fly

Twinkling stars make me mesmerized
Feeling me that I am on seventh sky.

When ever I am sad, I just
talk with my clone on the moon over that sky

Even when I sleep,Stars and Nebula’s
Make me fly like a butterfly

As I can’t express my feelings with humans
So,only on these stars I rely

Till my high school I want to travel whole earth
But now I want to have a galactic fly

Assuring my self to be a first human
To fly over mars like a butterfly.

Way To Slr

A small boy from the hills.
come to these tri-city rills
hoping his expectations to fulfill.

beautiful lady on the table
make him ,
his promises to be reliable

the days of expectations started ,
the boy gets so excited

as days passed away
boy came to know , by the way
that his money gets slay

in same way thirty days go out
they give him certificate of their lout
which he never required all about

he required knowledge
but in-spite of that;
they waste his time up-to last edge

feeling so shameful
boy go to his father with his eyes full

his father told
every story has a lesson to behold
“if you are not shrewd
world would make you screwed ”